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Draggin celebrate 20 years | NEWS

Draggin are celebrating 20 years of being a part of motorcycle culture and it shows through their new jean, Revz. This classic look will bode well with any bike. With the ultimate protection, your skin & wardrobe will thank you for buying this new kevlar jean.

Revz are made from the latest denim and form part of our innovative Next-Gen range.

Revz are a quality stretch blue denim jean, have a silicone coating, yet breathe like traditional jeans.  These innovative jeans will mould to individual body shapes and over time, will age and develop their own unique creases and curves.

The Revz contain a sports liner that keeps riders comfortable all year round. The sports liner draws away the moisture in summer and keeps riders warm in winter.  The Revz come with both hip and knee pockets sewn in ready for riding.

Available in men’s, the Revz are designed to be worn on and off the bike.  The fit is lower at the waist than at the back to ensure both comfort and skin coverage whilst riding.

The REVZ are a slim leg with plenty of stretch to get over your boot or tuck inside, whichever you prefer.

Protection for Revz is what riders have come to expect from a pair of Draggins. With REVZ you get our world patented Draggin RooMoto protection of knitted Kevlar® DuPont™ and Dyneema, the world’s strongest fibre.