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Portrait of a Motorcycle Legend | Rex Wolfenden Short Film | News

A Racer, a Builder, a Creator. Rex Wolfenden is a iconic Australian motor enthusiast. A celebrated ex A-grade motocross racer, Rex’s real success came later, as a talented historical motorcycle maker; crafting bikes from scratch. 50 Kaliber Films has created ‘A Portrait of a Motorcycle Legend’ – the story of Rex Wolfenden.


A passion project, the film was created to reach as many motorcycle enthusiasts as possible as well as to gain entry into Film Festivals across the world. Rex is a down to earth loveable legend, and this is a rare glimpse inside the life of such a well known figure within the motorcycling industry.


Executive Producer:

Dieter Kahsnitz Dieter Kahnsitz has been making films for over 20 years. He established 50 Kaliber in 2002 and his work with the company has taken him all over the world. At the heart of Dieter’s work is his love of extraordinary people and exploring the art of storytelling.


Josie Baynes Josie Baynes always had a passion for filmmaking, but it wasn’t until she was accepted into the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts film school that working in the field became a possibility. She believes her greatest achievement thus far is getting the opportunity to travel to Thailand create short films for the Thailand Tourist Office two years in a row.