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Ixon Montana jacket and pants | RIDING GEAR + EQUIPMENT

IN THE FINAL countdown to the big LAMS adventure ride a large package appeared at my door – yep, my winter riding gear had finally arrived. And the thought of riding over the Reefton Spur in challenging conditions suddenly seemed a lot more attractive knowing that I wouldn’t be wet or cold.

At least that’s what it said on the tag – the Ixon Montana jacket and pants both have three layers with a waterproof and removable drymesh insert, and noxilen, spylex and riplan reinforcement (try saying that three times quickly). A quick lounge-room fashion parade confirmed that the garments fit snugly and offer protection in the knees, shoulders and back. And for once  I wasn’t left lamenting the lack of pockets – there are loads!

Mind you, just about any gear works well when you’re sitting in a dry room. The real test was yet to come…