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Scala Rider Packtalk | RIDING GEAR + EQUIPMENT

Leader of the pack?

Let’s play a mind game: I’ll say Scala Rider Packtalk Bluetooth rider-to-rider intercoms, and I bet your reply will be ‘the whole reason I ride a motorcycle is to have a bit of me time, why would I want to let someone talk to me?’ I once thought the same way, until I started wearing quality helmet-mounted intercom systems for two-up rides with the wife – then I was converted. We recently updated to the new Scala Rider Packtalk model, and quickly discovered the system is up there with the best we have tested.


First of all, it’s simple. The wheel and push-button control system is easy to understand and manipulate, even with the helmet on. It’s more than an intercom – it also has Bluetooth connectivity to your phone, GPS and audio devices.

Sound quality is good, although I couldn’t imagine anyone using them on less than full volume. There is zero wind noise through the microphone when not speaking.

DMC mode allows groups of riders to communicate over a 5km range. Two riders can communicate at a range of up to 1.6km, and as many as eight ‘buddies’ can be stored in the memory allowing for easy connection. The A and B Mode means you can switch between paired buddies for private conversations.

Finally, the handy Cardo SmartSet Android app lets you manage multiple connections with ease via your smartphone.


Unfortunately, one of the provided charging units was faulty. This wasn’t helped by the start-up procedure, which was hard to come to grips with. NOTE: Do not attempt to fit intercoms on the morning of your ride.

The system should come with a quick connection guide for people who just want to connect and go. While the instruction book is comprehensive and large, a pocket guide for quick connection would be a smart addition.

The speakers also need to be perfectly aligned with your ears for you to be able to hear clearly. This is not always an easy task when dealing with the lining of a full-face helmet. More volume would be handy.


Once the frustrating task of getting the speakers into the best location was overcome, the sound quality was great, even at freeway speeds.

Thankfully the Scala Packtalk system comes with a full pack of sticky Velcro patches, a choice of mounting systems and microphones for full face and open face helmets. Mounting is self explanatory and easy to work out, I only required the instructions when I was ready to pair the units. While I found the paring procedure a challenge, this only needs to be done once. Now that they are installed, its just a press of a button to get connected.


4 Stars $799 (pair) Cassons (02) 8882 1900-