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Maria Vamvouklis Rides Sydney to Perth in support of RUOK? | Local | News

Follow Maria as she rides her BMW F700 GS from Sydney to Perth in support of RUOK?

“I was 29 when I first began riding a small road bike in 2012, then this year I crossed over to adventure riding and a whole new learning curve. Now I keep riding when the bitumen stops. dirt, sand, mud and river crossings add a new dimension to riding.

I want to inspire other women like myself, who will in turn be an inspiration themselves.”


Who are you?

My name is Maria Vamvouklis the owner of Iconic Bodies, I’m a naturopath and personal development coach who has a passion for mental health, adventure and a love of motorbikes.

Why are you doing this?

My inspiration for this ride in working with RUOK? Was from my own personal experiences and people who I have worked with in my line of work.

I am first generation Greek Australian who suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) at a younger. As I grew older, the stigma attached to ADD became the inspiration to change perceptions.

It was taboo to seek help or advice so we dealt with it through medication. We kept it secret and that was challenging at times. After finishing school I was determined to find a way to help others, and to help without using pharmaceutical medication.

Through this adventure on my motorbike and my company Iconic Bodies, my passion to change the perception about mental health by spreading the word across communities around Australia.

I want to inspire other women like myself, who will in turn be an inspiration themselves.

When do you start?

September 17th

How much money do you hope to raise?


What sort of bike will you be riding?


Who will you be riding with?

Solo however I have had supporters reach out from across Australia who have been keen to join for a stint of the adventure.

Are you scared?

Everyone is scared to step outside their comfort zone, however life is there to lived not contemplated and how it should be. So to answer your question I have fear but I embrace it.

Have you done a similar ride before?

Yes, I have done a few long rides to help get me ride ready

How can people help?

Please dentate as little as $5 to