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Universal Moto Tool Kit | RIDING GEAR + EQUIPMENT

THE PRO SERIES Universal Moto Tool Kit from Kenma Premium Motorcycle Accessories arrived at Gassit HQ a few days ago and we are already putting it to good use around the workshop.

While most garage tinkerers will own a proper chest packed with every imaginable tool, this package is designed for use out in the field, or when tackling a straight-forward job on your pride and joy in the garage. Only the tools most used on a motorcycle are included, and getting started is simply a case of rolling it out on the floor where you are working. Also handy are the separate compartments, which allow you do to a quick head count of tools once the job is finished to make sure you haven’t left anything behind.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 2.29.08 PMMTM0001_HR__59375_zoom