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Bound for Baja 1000? | EVENTS

Spectating at the Baja 1000 is an experience like no other.

The Mexican people are friendly, helpful and they’re mad about desert racing. Don’t expect a lot of English to be spoken, take a phrase book and learn a few simple words of Spanish.

Every second year, the race is a loop race, starting and finishing in Ensenada. This makes it easier to spectate at a few different places as the course runs a massive figure eight. However there is nothing like viewing the magnificent landscape down the entire Peninsula to La Paz. Rugged coastline, beaches, dry desert, sheer cliffs and stunning mountains can be found along the way. There are cactus from one end to the other, but it is surprising to see the unusual variations heading south as the climate changes. Did you know the saguaro cactus is between 80-100 years old before it grows its first arm!

Ensenada is the starting point for the race, so flying into Los Angeles or San Diego is the best option. Drive across the border, through Tijuana to Ensenada. Very few car rentals will allow you to go to Mexico, so try a company called Enterprise. You will also need insurance for both USA and Mexico.

US dollars can be changed just prior to the border for Mexican Pesos and in Mexico, cash is king, so don’t rely on credit cards. It is the end of their summer but the days will still be fairly warm, around 25+ degrees. Night cools down considerably as it does in desert climates, so take a jacket and beanie for the night time race viewing. Even the short race takes up to 36 hours to finish, so strap yourself in for some fun, along with 200,000 of your new best friends.