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2018 AMCN Winter Jacket Drive is go! | EVENTS

But we urgently need your help!

Following the great success of AMCN’s annual Australia-wide Winter Jacket Drive – which started as a Sydney-based initiative in 2012 under the leadership of former editor Sam Maclachlan – it was initially decided the event would be a low-key affair for 2018 while we worked towards a new year-round campaign.

However, a recent meeting with Mission Australia’s Dan Strickland revealed Australia’s homeless population had recently increased, surpassing the somewhat shocking 116,000 mark. In response, we have flicked the switch back to full power and decided to throw everything we have behind this year’s campaign.

We may be a little late off the line, but there are still months of cold nights ahead and if we pull together we can make a difference.

Sleeping rough isn’t just about being cold when the sun goes down. Many of Australia’s homeless feel isolated and detached from society – Strickland calls them Australia’s invisible community; we know they’re there, but we choose not to see them.

Over the past six years, AMCN’s annual call to action has seen truckloads of jackets donated to warm the homeless.

Just as importantly, it has shown those less fortunate that we do see them, and we want to help.

Why a motorcycle jacket is perfect

Making a fashion statement is not the primary design brief of a motorcycle jacket. Sitting atop the list of requirements is protection against the elements, an ability to retain precious body heat, padding for comfort and protection, and durability – all things that make sleeping rough a little more bearable.

Most motorcycle jackets also have removable thermal liners, which increases versatility, and the multiple zip-up pockets provide storage and security.

Your jacket for a Gassit Pack

Let’s get real, you’re never going to wear that old motorcycle jacket hanging in your cupboard – ‘just in case’ will never happen – it’s time to give it a second, more meaningful life keeping one of Australia’s homeless population warm this winter.

This year, everyone who sends in a jacket will receive a Gassit Pack valued by us at about a million bucks.

Claiming your Gassit pack is as easy as posting your jacket to AMCN Jacket Drive, PO Box 20154, World Square, NSW, 2002 – just be sure to include your postal address and shirt size.

New drop-off locations!

Benzina Garage

84 High St,

Preston, Victoria

Mission Australia

8/14 Sloane Street,  Goulburn

Shannons is back!

You can also drop your jackets off to any of the below Shannons Insurance branches around the country


Unit 20, 2 Yallourn St, Fyshwick

New South Wales

65 Reserve Road, St Leonards


Unit 5B, 305 Montague Rd,
West End

South Australia

863-865 South Rd,
Clarence Gardens


212-218 Murray St, Hobart


40 Corporate Drive, Heatherton

Western Australia

Units 5 & 6, 1500 Albany Highway, Cannington