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2017 Shannons Insurance Broadford Bike Bonanza | EVENTS

Ducati has had a phenomenal history with many success stories and beautiful machines, why not attend the 2017 SIBBB to check out classics from a bygone era this Easter weekend

The 2017 Shannons Insurance Broadford Bike Bonanza (SIBBB) at the State Motorcycle Sports Complex, Broadford, VIC, has kicked off with a splendid sun soaked symphonic burble, made up of Italian (predominantly) 90 degree v-twins from all eras, boasting various degrees of modifications, pedigree, rarity and history. Today at Broadford was beautifully and unmistakably, Ducati dominated.   

Featuring as this year’s SIBBB theme, Ducati was given it’s very own day, an ‘All Ducati Day’ both on and off track. Ducati owners have travelled far and wide right across Australia with their Ducati’s of all guises, in a show of style and devotion. However, it was not only Ducati owners that are this year’s devotees to the Bonanza. You only have to walk around the campsites around the tracks at Broadford to see the magnitude of the annual pilgrimage. All manner of two and three wheeled, bug splattered vehicles with luggage and camp gear strapped down, displaying all seven versions of interstate licence plates are present.

The key to the Bonanza’s success over the past eight years running, has been the relaxed and casual nature of proceedings in that spectators can camp, wander through the pit garages, hang out on the track fence and rub shoulders with Australian racing royalty.

Former Australian Grand Prix legend, Kevin Magee shared his 2017 Bonanza experiences in between display sessions on track; “The eye candy of all the older bikes is fantastic- I love that side of things. It’s just great to ride my old bikes, catch up with all the boys like Bob Brown and the gang, hang out and talk rubbish. It’s just the nostalgia that’s important for us to not lose. The Bonanza is one of the best events around of this type, and the fact that there is no pressure or expectations means that you can get out on the bike and enjoy it.  Im really looking forward to getting the Ducati’s out on the track over the next few days!

Ben Henry has been involved with Ducati’s his whole life, with his father building the infamous custom  ‘Alchemy’ Ducati’s in the early 1990s, to Ben’s Australian Superbike racing later on. These days, Henry is the Team Manager of the DesmoSport Ducati Team in the current Australian Superbike Championship.

He shared; “It’s good to be here at the Bonanza. It is a fantastic event and we are so happy to support the brand we love. It’s a great atmosphere, there is no pressure and everyone is here helping each other out. This is the part of motorcycling that has been lost at most races because they are so competitive. Here at the Bonanza it’s just all the good bits of racing and none of the politics. It’s simply good times!” Henry concluded.

Multiple World Superbike Champion Troy Bayliss, lent his thoughts on the Bonanza after stepping out of the Ducati Superbike transporter. “It’s our first time here and being a Ducati theme this year, we thought it’d be a great idea to bring our Australian Superbike race set up with the Ducati truck and bikes. The Bonanza this year has already been so cool, we know how busy this weekend gets and it’s just so nice to be a part of it. The Bonanza is relaxed, there are many past legends here and it’s got such a great vibe about it, especially with the camping involved. It’s an aspect that should be brought back into racing around the country.” He surmised.

Event Coordinator Rachelle Wilkinson, was delighted with the abundance of rare machinery on day one of the SIBBB, commenting; “The event is shaping up to be a great success with riders having grins from ear to ear. Ticket sales are strong and there are still tickets available at the gates tomorrow and Sunday. The new Enduro track and Speedway tracks are fast and flowing and promises to please dirt fanatics. Credit must go to all the hard working Volunteers that have all been instrumental in getting the event going.” Wilkinson finished.