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BMW 2017 S1000R snapped! | NEWS

Pics captured by passer-by expose BMW’s Euro 4-compliant supernaked

Get set for for the next couple of months as the latest 2017 models are launched with a new look. Exhausts and mufflers will grow significantly, even in otherwise unaltered models, as manufacturers rush to meet Euro 4 emissions limits.BMW is no exception, and the 2017 S1000R will gain a much fatter end can and a larger under-engine collector box. Pictures of an undisguised 2017 machine have emerged showing that BMW is also taking the opportunity to revamp its electronics and transfer tech from the S1000RR superbike to its naked sibling.

Even though the spied bike was rocking a carbon-and-titanium Akrapovič, sure to be an extra-cost option, it’s still elephantine compared to the existing stock system, let alone the stubby optional Akrapovič offered on 2016 models.

Both longer and fatter, the end-can is now fed by two pipes from the collector box rather than one, and there’s a larger catalytic converter under the engine as well.

The twin-pipe set-up feeding from the collector to the end can is most likely a special design configuration to reduce back pressure and to restore lost power.

The new S1000R also receives mild cosmetic tweaks in the form of redesigned side panels and a new radiator shroud, while the headlights, tank and seat unit are unaltered. The crystal clear pictures of the bike also reveal that it’s gaining the same auto-blipping up and down electronic quickshifter fitted to the S1000RR.

Internally, the engine isn’t expected to change. BMW has defined it as ‘Euro 4 ready’ for some time, suggesting that it doesn’t expect power to drop from the current 118kW. Whether it will increase or not remains to be seen.

BMW will reveal two new models and several updated machines at Intermot in Cologne on 4 October, which is when the Euro 4 ready S1000R is expected to debut in 2017 form.



What about the S1000RR?

While we haven’t seen it yet, the chances are high that the BMW S1000R’s updated exhaust will also be used on the faired S1000RR.

Like the S1000R, it’s likely that the alteration will be accompanied by a gentle cosmetic massage, probably in the form of new side panels with redesigned air vents.

And it’s certain that BMW will take the opportunity to throw even more electronic technology at the bike, keeping it a step ahead of the naked model.