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Long Term Yamaha MT-10 | GASSIT GARAGE

There is no doubt that Yamaha’s MT-10 is a true contender for top spot in the heavily contested nakedbike sector.

I’ve had the chance to sample the beast on three different occasions now, giving me a pretty broad perspective of its capabilities.

The first test was street based and really just a quick spin. I learnt that a short wheelbase, plenty of power and sit-up-and-beg ’bars equalled a big smile.

Our second meeting was at Mac Park in South Australia where the MT-10 proved to me that you don’t need a fairing and screen to have a blast on the track. The bike was standard but for a pair of Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tyres, which really brought the handling characteristics to the fore.

Just recently the diversity of this package struck home as I turned the universal Yamaha into a tourer. A tank bag and a pair of panniers fitted straight out of Yamaha’s aftermarket parts catalogue transformed a fun bike into one with some serious long-range capability. With my gear loaded and friend Gordon Ritchie in tow, I hit the cruise control button and started to relax.

For a bike that goes for just $17,999 (+ ORC) the MT-10 delivers so much. I’m looking forward to our next instalment.

By Steve Martin