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Motorcycle Crowdfunding fails | NEWS

When great motorcycle crowdfunding concepts fail

Finding investors for new products through the internet is all the rage these days – except when it’s not. We pick out some motorcycle crowdfunding ideas that didn’t coax would-be donors to pledge financial support

iMask Konnect

Designed for motorcyclists, the iMask integrated an earphone and a microphone into a protective face mask for the ultimate hands-free riding experience. Launched by ‘Andre’ from San Francisco, California, the iMask prototype was primitive at best. It was secured to the wearer’s head by two clips and two pieces of elastic that were pulled behind the ears, while the mask itself appeared to be manufactured from a non-breathable vinyl-type material. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity was shunned in favour of a cord attached to the device via the phone’s headphone jack, with the promise of upgrading once the crowdfunding goal was reached – but that meant the product’s supporters would miss out on the upgraded mask. Decent idea,
poor execution.

Crowdfunding goal: US$50,000 (A$67,000)

Minimum pledge: US$5 (A$6.7)

Funds raised: US$58 (A$78) from five backers

Bike Mine

The cleverly named Bike Mine used a 150-decibel detonator to deter would-be thieves from nicking your motorcycle. It was created by London-based Yannick Read, who came up with the idea after having both his motorcycle and his bicycle stolen during the night while he was asleep. Attached to your bike via a Velcro strap, the purely mechanical spring-loaded device triggers what looks like a shotgun cartridge if the bike is moved, not only scaring the bejesus out of the thief, but also alerting the sleeping owner to what’s going on. It’s
important to note that the campaign didn’t officially fail; instead, the page reads that it was cancelled by the creator just seven days before it was due to end. Maybe someone saw the silly side of gunshot noises going off in the night.

Crowdfunding goal: £15,000 (A$26,000)

Minimum pledge: £49 (A$85)

Funds raised: £4,331 (A$7530) from 61 backers

The Lifter

What does one look for in a motorcycle lift that will hoist their pride and joy into the air? Obviously not light weight. Dokomo Motors’ lift was set to be the ‘lightest’ on the market – constructed of lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium, it tipped the scales at less than 40kg and, while we acknowledge a lightweight motorcycle lift has its advantages for, say, busy exhibitors who need to regularly transport it, we’re not convinced we’d like to hoist our 200kg roadbike atop a 40 kilo structure. Its cordless design eliminates tripping hazards for the clumsy tinkerer, however, and one charge is apparently enough for 70 elevations. To be fair, the mob’s page does have what looks to be a genuine image of Jack Miller’s 2015 LCR Honda MotoGP machine sitting atop The Lifter. But it does beg the question of why it never, er, got off the ground…

Crowdfunding goal: €50,000 (A$74,000)

Minimum pledge: €1 (A$1.5)

Funds raised: €26 (A$38.50) from four backers

By Kel Buckley