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Cool! Honda 150SS Racer | NEWS

It’s not often we see a concept bike with a 150cc engine but, despite its diminutive stature, Honda’s 150SS Racer is an attractive proposition.

Revealed at the Bangkok Motor Show, it’s based around the 12.6kW engine from the Indonesian-made CBR150R and its unfaired sibling, the CB150R StreetFire. That may not sound like a recipe for fun, but the oversized, semi-slick tyres and futuristic flat-tracker styling make the 150SS a head-turner.

The concept’s design cues are in keeping with a host of recent Honda concepts which could suggest this is a path Honda is pursuing towards production models in the future.

Of course, there’s little chance that this bike, as is, will ever reach production. Those carbon-fibre disc wheels might look good, but they’re never going to make financial or engineering sense on a bike of this size.