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2017 Honda CB300F and CBR300R available this week. | NEWS

The CBR300R can be picked up for the new MLP of $5,399 and the CB300F is also available for the new MLP of $5,199.

The CB300F and CBR300R host fuel efficient, liquid-cooled single-cylinder engines coupled with a staunch six-speed gearbox .

Following a long line of Honda Sportsbikes, the CBR300R offers all the excitement of its larger counterparts with a broad power band and abundant torque down low in the rev range.

The naked styling of the CB300F – offers a raw and aggressive look for those who prefer a bike stripped of its fairings.

Both LAMS-approved motorcycles are comfortable to ride through city streets or for cruising on the highway and are fitted with ABS as standard.

The 2017 CBR300R is available in Millennium Red, Black and Lemon Ice Yellow/Matte Gunpowder Black Metallic and provides the perfect entry point into Honda’s famed Supersport CBR range.

The CB300F is available in Matte Crypton Silver Metallic/ Lemon Ice Yellow and Millennium Red.

2017 Honda CBR300R ABS.