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Patent reveals new Honda cruiser | News | Spied

A NEW PATENT reveals Honda wants to break into the Harley- dominated cruiser market with what appears to be a Goldwing- derived cruiser.

What’s actually being patented is a new type of ducted under-seat radiator designed to allow a low, cruiser-style seating position. While under- seat radiators are not new, the patent points out that most of them are mounted horizontally and require a high seat to make appropriate space.

With emissions limits forcing manufacturers towards water-cooling, the challenge of hiding radiators on retro-style machines is ever more important. Harley-Davidson’s handful of twin-cooled machines, with water-cooled heads, all use leg fairings to hide their radiators.

According to the Honda patent, repositioning the radiator under the seat means it’s easily hidden by side panels. It also allows a ducted fan to increase efficiency, allowing the radiator itself to be smaller.

By Ben Purvis