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Triumph working on new Tiger 800 | News | Spied

This spy shot shows a very early mule for Triumph’s next-generation Tiger 800. It’s a testbed machine intended to experiment with different geometries and riding positions, allowing engineers to narrow it down to certain dimensions before taking the next step and sketching out a purpose-made chassis.

The centre section is stock Tiger 800, including the engine and much of the frame. At the front, the steering head has been hacked off and replaced with a massive piece of billet aluminium. This will allow the head angle and steering tube position to be adjusted to simulate different chassis layouts. Similarly, the handlebars are mounted on adjustable brackets to allow them to be moved around. At the back, an extension is welded to the swingarm to add more scope for lengthening the wheelbase.

Given the early stages of the project it’s unlikely that we’ll see the production model of the next-gen Tiger for at least three years.

By Ben Purvis