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Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

Tough for the rough stuff

Possibly more than any other boot, an adventure riding boot needs to find a balance between comfort, protection, and durability. Adventure riders tend to go harder for longer in tougher conditions, and if you’re stuck in a pair of uncomfortable boots while out in the middle of nowhere, it’s going to be a long and miserable ride.

The instructions for the recent launch of the Ducati Desert Sled were specific “Adventure-style boots must be worn”. I don’t do a lot of off-road riding these days, and when I do, I usually wear my road boots. My childhood experiences with extremely uncomfortable MX boots had also left me a little gun-shy.

But McLeod Accessories came to my aid with some proper adventure stompers: the latest release Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots. As soon as I slipped my large feet into the full-leather Sidis I realised a lot has changed since my days of vigorously rubbing Dubbin into my circa-1980 Rossi motocross boots in an attempt to soften the leather. Straight out of the box the Sidi boots were super comfortable and easy to walk in – good job because I took them out of the box five minutes before jumping on the Desert Sled, and wore them for the next 12 hours.

The Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boot is based on the popular first-gen Sidi Adventure boot with a few design upgrades to keep them on top of the game.

A full-leather design provides protection along with Sidi’s ankle flex system and tongue-in-groove Achilles protector. Built-in flex zones help you through the short break-in period and make walking a lot more comfortable. The Gore-Tex waterproof gaiter runs most of the way up the boot to provide maximum waterproofing and is also breathable to stop your feet overheating.

We liked

Initially, I thought the instant comfort level might have been heightened by the excitement of riding a new-release bike. I have since worn the boots on two more occasions, and they have been super comfortable both times. I can slip them on in the morning and wear them all day like a quality pair of shoes.

The micro-adjustable cam lock buckles are replaceable, so no need to break out the duct tape if you accidently snap one in a fall. The quick release buckles also make getting them on and off a breeze, and a Velcro upper flap with an elastic expansion panel helps with a snug fit.

Despite being chock-full of features with a substantial feel, the Adventure 2 boot is slim enough to fit under jeans. There’s also plenty of toe movement for additional impact protection, and room for thick socks to be worn in colder weather.

We didn’t like

The thick bonded non-slip sole takes a bit of getting used to if your usual attire is road boots. The heavy-duty leather upper also reduces feel for the gearshift lever, and you may have to adjust your gear-shift lever position. A little extra adjustment on the buckles would also be welcome for those of us with skinny legs and small calf muscles.


Having worn these boots on three occasions its already obvious they can absorb a lot more punishment than a standard boot. There’s also no need to worry about them getting a bit muddy and dirty – it’s a badge of honour on a boot like the Sidi Adventure 2.


Gorgeous design

Minimal break-in period

Combined buckle and Velcro system


Thick sole

Loose around the calf

Star rating


Price: $649.95

McLeod Accessories Ph: (07) 3621 9000