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Barkbusters LED White Lights | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

It’s not a new idea – put some bright LEDs onto your bike’s handguards to act as daytime running lights.

In car-speak they’re called DRLs. And it’s a good idea too. They are as wide apart as anything else on the bike, they’re high up and they’re in just the right position to catch a car driver’s eye in his or her mirrors.

Yet despite the wide availability of cheap LEDs in many formats, successful installations are rare. So Barkbusters has made available a neat kit that fits three ranges of the company’s digit-saving products.

Called ‘Positioning or Marker Lights’ instead of DRLs, the new gear has already earned an E-mark, meaning they are suitable and approved for use on the roads of super-picky Europe.

We liked

Each set of lights can be fitted to the top or bottom half of VPS or Storm guards, or to the top half of the smaller Jets. The kit comes with detailed instructions, templates to ensure a perfect fit, and even a chimp could do the required electrical wiring.

In addition to the white Positioning lights, identically shaped amber indicators are also available; these have proven especially popular with riders of enduro bikes who need to ride on the street too.

We didn’t like

In some cases the lights will need a resistor to ensure that the LEDs flash at the correct rate. Distributors sell these and will be able to help you work out if one is needed.


The result looks factory-finished and is attention-getting in traffic. Thumbs up.


  • Visibility
  • Easy to install
  • Low power draw


  • May need a resistor
  • Be great if they came already built in

RRP NZ$69.95

Barkbusters (02) 4271 8244