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Yamaha MT-10 metamorphosis | Gassit Garage | Long Term

Our quest to demonstrate the versatility of AMCN’s Yamaha MT-10 long-termer continues to gather momentum.

With touring duties around north-west Victoria complete, it’s time to try some two-up touring and point the big bike’s nose towards northern NSW with a pillion and panniers stocked for a multi-day road trip. Once that trip is done and dusted, we’ll slowly transition its personality toward the sporty side of the spectrum by adding more genuine Yamaha accessories from the extensive Y-Shop catalogue. (A plan is also being hatched that will see many facets of the MT-10 displayed in one awesome road trip, but more about that in an upcoming issue.)

Step one is a set of Michelin’s new Power RS road sport tyres that the team from City Coast Motorcycles in Wollongong fitted last week. These are the hoops I tested on track in Qatar (AMCN Vol 66 No 21) and I’m keen to see how they handle everyday urban duties and a fully packed two-up touring ride before exploiting their sporty nature.

Many readers have also been asking about the wet weather capabilities of the new Michelins, so as soon as we get some heavy rain I’ll throw on the wet weather gear and head out into the traffic. It’s all part of the AMCN service.

Chris Dobie