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BMW R1200RS | Gassit Garage | Long Term

At last it’s  all mine. When Chris said we were getting the BMW R1200RS as our next long-termer I have to admit a little bit of wee came out. I’d heard good things about the new RS and there is just something uniquely cool about the boxer donk and the torque rock that you get from the big grey pots that hang off each side, protruding like a set of massive nuts on a prize bull.

But my excitement had to be contained because this beautiful new Beema turned up only a day before the flying Scotsman Gordon Ritchie snaffled it out from underneath me for commuting duties while here in Oz covering WSBK.

So after what seemed like an eternity, I finally got to take the beauty out for a blat and I have to say it may just be the most comfortable motorcycle I have ever ridden. Not only is the seat nice and soft, the ergos suit my frame perfectly. It has an upright riding position and wide ’bars, placing minimal weight onto the wrists. My knees tuck in under the tank and above the cylinder heads, with feet under the hips on solid ’pegs, and mirrors, levers and instruments all easily accessible. The bike has an instant comfortable familiarity about it.

The R1200RS also has a removable GPS

Once mobile I noticed how well balanced the RS is compared to the last boxer I rode. It tips into corners more easily with less noticeable weight transference from the big nuts on the side. The dash is easy to read and navigate and the quickshifter makes for silky smooth gear changes both up and down. Standard Road mode is nice and predictable, but Dynamic mode adds a touch of Woohoo when you dial it up.

I’m now looking forward to a few longer jaunts and a weekend away with the hugs and kisses. Stay tuned for the full story –and her comments on what it’s like riding shotgun.

By Darren Kersey