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Rizoma bling | Gassit Garage | Long Term

Sol Invictus Nemesis XY400 Makeover

It’s the little things that make a big difference when building a café racer, and that’s certainly true with these Rizoma Club L (front) and Club (rear) indicators. Manufactured from billet aluminium, the shiny Italian-made chrome bits are just 43.5mm long and 20.5mm wide. They are also available in a black finish.

Fitted to our Sol Invictus Nemesis long-termer, the slim units are almost invisible, exactly the look we were after. And while the indicators are small, the burst of orange light from the latest SMD LED technology belies their size, firing out an eye-catching orange light that even Blind Freddie behind the wheel will see.

The Club L front indicators also feature super-bright white driving-light LED bulbs that alternate to orange flashers.

While we were fiddling with the wiring, we also fitted an LED tail light. You may recognise the licence-plate bracket – it’s the original tail tidy with the reflectors removed, turned upside down and anchored to the subframe under the seat. Sometimes it’s easier to recycle what you have instead of scouring the internet for the right bit – that’s the traditional café racer way of doing things.