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Triumph confirms Daytona Moto2 roadbike | NEWS

But only as a limited-edition offering for now…

Just when we thought the 600cc roadbike category was dead in the water, Triumph Motorcycles has confirmed the introduction of a limited-edition Moto2-inspired Daytona 765. Far from living on its former glories the Daytona Moto2 765 draws on Triumph’s deal to be the sole engine supplier to the Moto2 series and promises to offer a near-Moto2 experience to its buyers.
Triumph isn’t divulging details specs yet but says the Moto2-tuned version of the engine makes more than 103kW (140hp) from the triple-cylinder engine, which is a tuned version of the 90kW 765cc unit which powers the latest Street Triple.
The forks are clearly Öhlins units and the brakes are from Brembo, ticking all the usual high-spec sportsbike boxes, and Triumph says the frame is the same as was used on the old Daytona 675.
The Daytona Moto2 765 will be made in limited numbers: 765 will be sold in Europe and Asia, with another 765 going to the North American continent. Given the carbon bodywork, tuned engine and high-end componentry, it’s not likely to be cheap, so to sell 1530 examples worldwide could be knocking on the boundaries of what’s possible, despite its ‘limited edition’ status.
The bike’s official unveiling will happen at next month’s British Grand Prix on 23 August.

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