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Sidi MAG 1 Boots | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

The design goals for the new Mag 1 boot were flexibility, lightweight and streamlined, and my first impression after unboxing them recently is Sidi has hit the mark.

The first thing I did was throw one of the new boots onto the scales; it weighs 1060g and, compared to one of my big touring boots, it’s light.

The most noticeable thing about the Mag 1 is there’s no external vertebra or skeleton. That has been built into the lining, providing smooth and clean lines. A photograph of the new boot posted on the AMCN Facebook page divided opinion on looks, but personally, I think it’s a gorgeous-looking boot. The design has also made the boot a little more flexible; however, it’s still quite rigid with the built-in reinforcement running up each side of the ankle.

I have already given the boots their first run at the Panigale V4 launch (AMCN Vol 67 No 16), and thankfully they were comfortable straight out of the box. There’s a high range of adjustability for a good fit and ample ventilation to stay cool. The toe area is reinforced with a replaceable nylon and metal toe slider, and the heel section is also strengthened. I’m still breaking the boots in, so I’m still finding the sole a bit stiff and firm.

But I’ll be living in these boots over the next few months, and will provide a full product review in an upcoming issue of AMCN.