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Shoei NXR Seduction helmet | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

The Shoei NXR Seduction is a striking helmet with a unique feminine pink lace corset graphic lining up perfectly with physical contours and vents on the helmet.

I think the most important feature of the helmet is that you hardly know it’s there protecting your head. It feels a lot lighter than my last helmet and has an aerodynamic shape which really helps with reducing wind-noise and buffeting. There is a breath guard, chin curtain and comfortable ear pads which help reduce in-helmet noise. It is really easy to get on and off as the bottom of the helmet widens, limiting the opportunities of ripping off my earrings off in the process.

The ventilation is great, with four easy-to-operate inlets on brow and chin. They can be opened or closed to channel air over the head in hot conditions – as can the six outlets at the rear to exhaust warm air.

We liked

The fit. Anyone who knows anything about motorcycle helmets will tell you that the way a helmet contours to your face, cheeks and crown has a big influence on how effective it is when the unthinkable happens. There is an EQRS. (Emergency Quick Release System) for easy helmet removal in case of an accident.

We didn’t like

Nothing really, only helmet hair! But the price tag of $879.90 puts it at the exxy end of the market.


Shoei has reduced the weight of the RF-1200 by using a slimmer design making it incredibly light and comfortable to wear. The protection through EPS elements with different shock absorbing levels make it hard to fault this helmet. Shoei has almost 60 years of helmet heritage and the company’s experience shows. I’d strongly recommend the Shoei NXR Seduction to any riders (especially the fashion conscious) who are seeking the optimal combination of safety, comfort and style.

It is what every girl wants to be – light, slim and sexy. I love it!


Striking looks

Excellent construction and materials

Light and comfortable


Not cheap

Colours: Black, Pink

Sizes: XS-2XL
RRP: $879.90
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