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Roadskin Water Resistant Kevlar lined hoody and denim jeans | RIDING GEAR + EQUIPMENT

Roadskin Water Resistant Kevlar lined hoody

The folks at Grinfactor sent me a Roadskin Water Resistant Kevlar Lined Hoodie to test. For most of the winter it has lived under my leathers while I ride, and has been ideal to wear as streetwear throughout the day. To the uninitiated it was a regular hoodie.

But looks sure can be deceiving. This is one heavy-duty garment, and that’s without the CE-approved elbow and back protector inserts it comes with. The quality of the make is first class, from the YKK zippers to the fully lined 320gsm military-grade Kevlar on the inside. This hoodie isn’t going to fall apart anytime soon.

I can vouch for its water resistance, not being the umbrella type there were plenty of times I was caught out in the rain and the hoodie did a great job of keeping me dry. Even today, the water still beads off after more than three months of daily wear.

In the summer you could wear it on short commutes and on those tarmac-melting scorchers. It’s not going to offer the same protection as leather, but it breathes better, offers the same protection as my Kevlar jeans with the added benefits of CE-armour, and it fits in my backpack when I’m done. And its a whole lot better than just wearing a t-shirt.

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Roadskin® Men’s Water Resistant Denim Jeans

Motorcyclists having been wearing denim jeans as a form of protection since the days of the Rockers back in the 60s. And just as motorcycle technology has advanced to make riding safer, so have the good ol’ denim jeans, all thanks to Kevlar.

Roadskin Men’s Water Resistant Denim Jeans look just like a regular pair of jeans on the outside, but internally offer 360°, 320gsm military-grade Kevlar protection, as well as built-in pockets for removable CE approved hip and knee armour that come as standard with your purchase.

If heavy-duty inspires confidence then these jeans are worth a try. Of all the brands I’ve tested they’re probably the heaviest jeans, but this is due to Roadskin’s belief in producing only fully-lined Kevlar jeans to offer maximum protection, strength and durability.

Just like the hoody, they’re water resistant and do a decent job of keeping your jocks dry when you get caught out in a bit of rain – as I found out several times commuting in Melbourne’s four-seasons-in-one-day weather.

Sizing was a little different compared to other jeans. I had to go a size down and they seem to be a little longer in the legs. They also offer an alteration service for $20!

As far as value goes, for $229, the Roadskins jeans come with CE approved knee and hip armour as well as fully lined Kevlar. You’d be hard pressed to find a better deal.