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Kabuto Aeroblade 5 | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

I didn’t’ know a great deal about the Kabuto helmet range before attending the Aussie launch of the company’s new Aeroblade 5 helmet late last year. Since then I’ve been putting one through its paces and learning a little more about the Japanese company. What I’ve discovered is that Kabuto has a long history of making a bloody good quality helmet at an attractive price.

Kabuto’s Aeroblade range is designed primarily for street use, it’s RT33 range has been developed for racing, but I discovered it’s not out of its comfort zone on the track.

What we liked

The Aeroblade 5 has a sub-$500 price tag, but delivers a product which outclasses many others in the same price point. The comfort level is outstanding, and I have worn it on multi-day test rides, as my daily lid, and on the track in weather ranging from single digits through to high 30s. Four shell sizes make up the six-size range (XS-XXL), and after trying it on for size, I chose a large (60), instead of my usual extra-large (62) preference.

The shell is slightly scalloped on either side next to the chin straps, with a rubber gusset built into the gap. The small modification allows the chin straps to be pulled away from the ears – good news for me and others who have a head shaped like football’s FA Cup.

Ventilation is another area I gave the Kabuto top marks. The vents are slim but their positioning forces maximum air into the helmet and across your head through the deep vent channels in the EPS lining. The good visibility and limited wind noise are also worth a mention. I fitted a tinted visor to my Reida graphics helmets, and it looks great and is optically correct.

What we didn’t like

Stepping down a size from my usual XL to an L provided a comfortable and snug fit. However, by dropping down a size in the fit meant I also dropped down a shell size, which brings my face closer to the visor than I’m used to. Not a big issue in normal everyday riding situations, but on the track when I stick my head out of the bubble, the force from the wind pushes the visor against the tip of my nose which is quite distracting.


Helmets are one of the most evaluated items at AMCN, and they’re on high rotation on my well-stocked helmet shelf. The cream always rises to the top, however, and over time, if a helmet seems to always finds itself at the front and easy to reach, I know it’s a long-term winner. The Kabuta Aeroblade 5 looks like it will be one of those helmets.

Colours Yajiri (spear), Reida (raider), Matte Black, and Akiyoshi

Did you know?

If you are wondering what happened to the Aeroblade 4, it never existed. Kabuto explained that the number 4 is unlucky in Japanese culture, so the company decided to skip straight to number 5.


  • Price
  • Style


  • Touches nose at speed
  • No emergency cheek-pad removal system

Sizes XS-XXL


Colours Yajiri (spear), Reida (raider), Matte Black, and Akiyoshi 1300 885 355

As appeared in AMCN Vol 67 No 19