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Ixon Stratus HP | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

Leather jackets look cool, but most make hot work of  summer. Thankfully, recent advances in textiles have seen a boom in the popularity of vented jackets made from tough synthetic materials.

With summer on our doorstep and the mercury inching ever upwards, it’s time to swap those winter warmers for something cool and comfortable that won’t sacrifice protection.

We’re not here to pass judgement on those who ride through the warmer months in shorts and T-shirt. Hey, if you fancy becoming a big flesh crayon as you slide along a hot road surface, that’s your choice. But for those who prefer to keep the gear on, staying cool while remaining well protected can be a challenge.

A look back through the AMCN archives uncovered numerous product reviews of the Ixon jacket, all praising its ability to keep you warm and dry in winter thanks to the two-part liner. But it’s also superb for summer riding due to the large mesh areas on the chest and back, making the Ixon Stratus HP a proper all-year-round piece of motorcycle wear.

The airflow through the mesh is so efficient that during a recent ride in mid-20 temperatures I wore an AMCN hoodie underneath the Ixon Stratus HP because I was getting too cold.

When things heat up in summer, the thick collar unzips to allow additional airflow, and because it quite often rains with little warning in summer, the zip-out waterproof lining can be stored in a handy internal pocket.

When it comes to buying textile motorcycle jackets it pays to buy from a reputable dealer who can show you a range of products suitable to your needs and explain all the safety features each one offers.


  • All year use
  • protective armour
  • Long arms


  • Can ride up in a crash

RRP $319.95

Ficeda Accessories 

(02) 9827 7561

As published in AMCN (Vol 67 No 11)