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Husky’s road-going retro adventure bike?! | Manufacture News | News

Husqvarna adopts KTM’s new twin

This lashed-together test mule is our first glimpse of a new road-oriented Husqvarna adventure bike powered by KTM’s 799cc LC8c parallel twin engine from the 790 Duke and Adventure models.

This early, rough prototype is establishing basic parameters like the riding position and engine set-up. The rider and pillion footpegs are mounted on adapter plates that can be bolted into dozens of different positions, while the bars are  fitted to prototype risers that allow multiple options. Similarly, the box-shaped seats and angular fuel tank are handmade prototypes, likely to be updated and replaced several times.

Underneath lies an essentially stock KTM chassis borrowed – along with the engine – from the 790 Adventure. That’s the same tactic that Husqvarna has used for its Vitpilen and Svartpilen models, which are based on KTM’s Dukes; the Husqvarna 701 models are essentially Duke 690s, while the Husky 401s are Duke 390s.

Husqvarna is likely to show the bike as a ‘concept’ late next year, with a production model appearing as part of its 2021 range. First it has to release the Vitpilen 1301, derived from KTM’s 1290 Super Duke R, plus the faired Aero versions of the Vitpilen 401 and 701.

  • One distinct variation that separates this upcoming Husqvarna adventure bike from the KTM equivalent is the wheel sizes. Rather than the KTM 790 Adventure’s 21in front and 18in rear wire wheel, the Husky prototype has a 19in front and 17in rear.
  • Expect Husqvarna to follow the same neo-retro theme that’s defined the Svartpilen and Vitpilen models. Their styling signature is a distinctive combination of angles, flat surfaces and oversized, circular headlights.

By Ben Purvis