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Fangin’ out on the Spyder F3-S | Bike Tests | Latest Tests

It may not be a motorcycle, but we wanted to see if the Spyder F3-S could still deliver a serious superbike rush on the track.

The range of three-wheeled Can-Am Spyders from BRP are so different to anything else on the road, you can’t help but marvel at the leap of faith it must have taken for the Canadian company to begin development of such a beast. The first model I ever rode was the sporty RS-S, back in 2013, and at that point I became set on the idea of taking one to the track to see what the machine really has to offer.

That plan was rekindled when spy shots of the new triple-cylinder F3 model began to surface last year. And by the time the first examples arrived Down Under, BRP Australia was so tired of my constant badgering it not only agreed to let me thrash the living daylights out of an F3 on the track, it also sent one of the first models our way with barely a handful of kays on the clock.

Two weeks later my expectations had been blown completely out of the water, some for the better and some for the worse. By taking the Can-Am F3 to the track, I believe I discovered the true nature of this interesting beast…

Read the full feature in AMCN, Vol 65 No 06. Watch the video to see how it stacks up on track.