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Draggin Twista Jeans | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

Not long after getting my start with AMCN, I was kitted up with a pair of Draggin’s Twista jeans. Due to my inability to distinguish a race track from the Royal National Park, I  low-sided my dad’s cherished motorcycle.

Fortunately, the jeans held up amazingly well after sliding along the road for a good 20 metres, ripping only through the top layer on my left knee which hit the ground first. Thankfully the Kevlar lining created a barrier between my skin and the road, leaving not even a scratch or a friction burn from the asphalt.

Inspecting the jeans post-crash revealed even the outer layer remained intact around by backside despite a decent slide.

The Draggin Twista jeans are lined with genuine Dupont Kevlar in all the prime areas like the knees, hips and bum. The design strikes a balance between keeping you safe out on the road and still being comfortable when the jeans transition from motorcycle safety wear to a fashion item.

I just wish the bike had been wrapped in Draggin jeans because it did not escape so lightly. Luckily it wasn’t an AMCN test bike or I doubt I’d still be here. Unfortunately, I had to call my dad to come and pick up me and the remains of his bike, and I couldn’t even play the injured sympathy card.

By Zane Pavelic