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Draggin Rebel Jeans | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

When it comes to riding in the summer heat, I always reach for the Draggin Rebel jeans.

Fashion denim jeans are rubbish for motorcycle riding – they may be comfortable, but crash and the road surface will rip a hole in them quicker than you can say skin graft – so Aussie company Draggin never stops looking for ways to make its jeans safer and more comfortable.

Draggin’s Rebel range features an updated version of its RooMoto lining made from DuPont’s Kevlar and Dyneema – the world’s strongest fibre – which Draggin’s lab tests reveal can sustain a 7.5-second slide along the tarmac before failing. A stretch material has been integrated into the denim, and a mesh liner inside lets your skin breathe, making them good for all-day comfort.

The RooMoto lining in the Rebel is fitted to the areas most vulnerable in an accident, including the backside, hips, knees, and thighs, making them more comfortable for mid-summer use.

Not all protective motorcycle jeans are created equal. Make sure you do your homework before parting with your hard-earned cash.


  • Style
  • Looks with protection


  •   A little heavy

RRP $299


(03) 9646 0377

As published in AMCN (Vol 67 No 11)