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CJ650 solo spotted | News

An interesting Chinese bike is the revived ChiangJiang brand’s CJ650 sidecar outfit prototype. Powered by CFMoto’s 650cc parallel twin, with 52kW, it was a modern replacement for the WW2-era BMW-style sidecars the company made for decades.

Now the outfit is reaching production in China, and pictures of a two-wheeled version have shown up too. With bobber styling, the two-wheeler has a retro look like the sidecar, complete with a rear suspension intended to look like an old model’s plunger system though there’s actually a conventional swingarm too, so it shouldn’t also  have old-fashioned handling.

The bobber looks could be misleading though; the pictured bike is missing both front and rear mudguards. A fuller rear fender from the new sidecar model would give it a cruiser look.