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Happy Chinese New Year

After a December of nothing but tumbleweeds in the long-term parking area, Christmas has come late with the arrival of some new metal, including the cool all-black version of the recently released CFMoto 650NK. We have done a full test report here but in a nutshell it’s a 650cc parallel-twin nakedbike made in China that is retailing Down Under for less than $7000 ride away, and giving a lie to the assumption that budget Asian bikes are inferior to the offerings from the traditional big manufacturers.

Some readers will remember that AMCN enjoyed the company of the previous model 650NK back in 2014 and put it through one of the toughest tours of duty ever. Over 12 months and more than 7000km it was used and abused by nearly every member of the team. It went to the dyno, to the track, to the drag strip and to Phillip Island. And after all that the NK was still in great shape and the verdict was unanimous: this was a bike that offered incredible quality for its price.

This time, as the only LAMS bike in our garage, it will be getting a slightly more focused assignment – as the learner’s steed. I still have two years of restricted riding ahead of me, so I’ll be taking the 650NK on the next leg of my journey of motorcycle education. That means training (both professional external courses and extremely non-professional internal exercises), routine maintenance, some simple mods and a couple of long-haul trips.

It also means the NK will be doing grunt work on a daily basis through the Melbourne traffic. We’ll be adding the usual aftermarket goodies to turn the NK into a supercommuter, like fitting some thin-profile storage, an aftermarket exhaust and some Oggy Knobbs. I’m also keen to improve my riding skills in traffic, especially lane filtering. I dream of taking corners like a pro, but by now I’ve realised where you really make up time is at the red lights.

Of course, it’s not just about getting there faster. I’ve got this strange idea that an hour spent getting to work or going home can actually be an enjoyable part of the day, and in line with that I’ll be looking at other ways of making it a beaut commute. They say that taking alternative routes helps activate your brain (as does brushing your teeth with the opposite hand, apparently), and I don’t mind going the long way if it means a few more curves.

We’ve got the NK for six months, so it’s all to play for. If there are any other learner commuters out there reading this who want to see the CFMoto put to a particular test, drop us a line.


CFMoto 650NK

649.3cc air-cooled, eight-vale DOHC parallel twin

41.5kW (claimed)

62Nm (claimed)

193kg (dry, claimed)

$6990 ride away, currently on special for $6490 ride away, or $5990 ride away without ABS