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TESTED-Berik Force Race Suit | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

I have always been a two-piece leathers sort of guy, mainly due to the fact that I’m a fan of the protection leather offers, but I’m not a racer.

However, the ever increasing number of track tests I undertake as part of this job means I do need a race suit so I joined the leather onesie crowd. One thing quickly became clear, when you have long arms and legs you are going to struggle to find a race suit to fit properly. Thankfully I found the Berik Vision race suit which has just enough extra arm and leg length to save me from having to have a custom-made job. Helping with my decision was the Berik name which is seen protecting riders around the world, from club days through to WSBK and MotoGP.

The protective qualities of leather have been known for years, but thankfully modern manufacturing systems have seen race suits become much lighter and more comfortable. The Berik Force race suit sits at the top of the Berik range stocked by Australian distributor Ficeda. The suit is manufactured using 1.1-1.3mm premium full-grain cow leather. It’s thick enough to offer the protection you want out on the race track, but still light enough to not weigh you down and become a chore to wear. Double layer leather reinforcement have also been added at the elbow, shoulder and around your arse, the most probable thing you are going to be sliding along on if you part company with your motorcycle. Adding to the protection is a collection of CE approved internal protectors located in the shoulders, elbows, hip and knees. External magnesium protectors are also located on the shoulders and knees to provide addition protection from impact and abrasion – and they probably make awesome sparks as you slide along the track as well.

Super Tense-tex stretch fabric locate in the elbow, crotch and back of the knee provide a full range of movement while the air vent and extra padding in in the backside of the suit also help with comfort.


The removable mesh lining helps your skin breath when things get a little hot a sticky. It not only helps with comfort, it also makes it easier to get the leathers on and off.

Having an odd-shaped body means tight fitting collars become annoying very quickly on me, but not so with the Neoprene collar on the Berik Force suit. No idea why, it’s just better.

Despite being a snug fit around my body, there is still enough flexibility and room to wear a back protector without annoying the bejesus out of me. There’s probably even enough room for a chest protector as well. The required Velcro is already stitched into the front of the suit.

The venting system works perfectly. I wore the suit during a recent test in Abu Dhabi and stayed reasonable cool out on track.

It has a cool aerodynamic hump which I believe is good for an extra 1.5kW of coolness.


Okay, it’s got to be said – the flouro colour of the suit I chose. It’s no big deal for me as I don’t need to look at it when it is on, and I could have chosen the black, but when you are wearing something visible from the space station there’s no blending into the crowd. Mess up out on track and everyone will know it was you.


Choosing the best leather suit for you is not something many riders will do often, so do your homework. Don’t make a slide down the road the point at which you realise you should have gone with quality rather than price.





Good for warm weather


Flouro Colour

Bad for cold weather

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