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Guess what? Moto Guzzi’s new adventure bike is even better than the factory thinks.

It’s not often a manufacturer underestimates its own machine, but with the new V85TT, I reckon Moto Guzzi is aiming a little low with its claims the bike is an all-roader, as opposed to a dedicated adventure bike. It’s far more capable than even the Maranello factory gives it credit for.

Sir Alan Cathcart rode this bike back in Vol 68 No 20, however his test was more focussed on the bitumen prowess of this bike. The Australian launch, held around the snowy hills of Eildon in Victoria, allowed me to dive deeper into this bike’s off-road ability, as well as its bitumen talents, albeit on consistently wet roads. And I discovered a bike more adept at off-road touring than even its manufacturer claims.

With excellent fuel range, a seat to match, a sweet engine and even sweeter gearbox, heaps of natural traction, quality ride position and being really fun to ride, the V85TT is a surprisingly capable adventure bike option, particularly in the mid-capacity range. The 19-inch front wheel says it’s not for crossing the Simpson Desert – but I reckon it could. On one tank of fuel. 

I really enjoyed the V85TT and if that patented dog engagement system in that gearbox isn’t everywhere in three years, I’ll eat my helmet. The Moto Guzzi is a different take on a modern adventure, go-anywhere machine and it does the job really well. Even better, I suspect, than the factory believes.

Read the full story in Vol 69 No 03 of AMCN