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Arlen Ness Anarchy Hood Jacket | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

The Arlen Ness Anarchy Hood Jacket is the coolest looking bit of motorcycle clothing I have in my wardrobe. As well as having a stylish cut, it features a fleece liner with a hoodie that flaps in the breeze while you ride, and keeps your head warm when you’re not – genius!

The jacket is made from premium full-grain cowhide leather, which feels supple and light straight out of the box. Comfort and airflow is enhanced by the non-removable breathable mesh lining, while warmth and snugness is provided by the removable thermo vest liner with hood. Installing and removing the liner is quick and easy, and during the past 12 months I have not snagged the zipper once.

While looks are important to a lot of riders, so is protection. Being made from quality cowhide leather means the jacket has a CE certified protection rating, and it also has elbow protectors, which don’t bulk out the arms.

The perforated leather lets a huge amount of airflow through the jacket, adding to the wind-in-your-face experience of riding a motorcycle.

We liked

This is an extremely versatile jacket that can be worn while riding, then kept on around town. When coupled with a pair of denim riding jeans and urban riding shoes, you can simply pull up, hang your helmet on the bike’s mirror and tuck
your gloves into your pocket. Presto, you’re ready for a night
on the town

We didn’t like

If you get caught out in the rain, the hoodie gets wet and begins to wick the water into the fleece liner. The jacket looks super cool with the liner fitted, but if you remove it on a hot day, it looks a bit ill-fitting.


The Arlen Ness Anarchy Hoodie is a quality-made leather jacket that feels as good as it looks and, while you couldn’t classify it as an all-weather jacket, being able to remove the lining on really hot days and simply wear a jumper underneath on cooler days means you could get away with having it as your only riding jacket. If you ride a cruiser, you probably want to think about having an Arlen Ness jacket in your collection.


  • Looks
  • Comfort
  • Quality


  •   Not all-year wear
  •   Bit short at the back
  •   No sleeve liner

Colour: Black

Sizes: S to XXXL

RRP $499.95

Ficeda (02) 9827 7561

By Chris Dobie