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Aprilia Shiver versus Aprilia Tuono | Bike Tests | Latest Tests | Top Sellers in Australia

A nakedbike won the coveted AMCN Motorcycle Of The Year in 2016. The Aprilia Tuono 1100 Factory also won the hearts of all who rode her.

The race-inspired Tuono is at the top of class with its punchy 1100cc V4 engine, comfortable riding position, great looks and great sound. It’s a bike that seems to have it all.

So why buy the Shiver when Aprilia already has such a strong presence in the naked class? The Shiver with its now 900cc engine is almost a direct competitor, right?

Well, not exactly. The Shiver has its own place in the market and, although it’s classed as a big-bore bike, it comes from a different pathway.

There was a time when Aprilia put all its eggs in the V-twin basket, hence the birth of this machine. It is pleasing in its own way, with its V-twin pumping out good torque but not the eye-popping power of the 1100. It handles well but is not as sharp as the 1100, and electronically it’s a step down, but in the real world at Sunday cruising speeds it’s still going to come down to the rider.

The big advantage for the Shiver over the Tuono is its value for money, with almost $10,000 difference between the base models. That’s a lot of bikkies to mull over at the showroom.