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Alpinestars Atem suit | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

This two-piece Alpinestars Atem suit is very comfortable thanks to the extensive Aramidic/polyfabric stretch inserts and leather accordion panels. When I first tried it on I had doubts about the fit as it’s one size smaller than my one-piece suit. However, as soon as I unzipped the calf stretch panels it fitted nicely, and has continued to improve with continued use. Since picking them up last year I’ve done countless road rides and about a half-dozen trackdays, and can confirm that they are a great alternative to one-piece leathers for those who want a versatile full leather suit.

We liked

Great fit and quality design make the Atem suitable for both road and track activities. I like the storm trooper styling with its ‘go-fast’ hump, and being able to remove the top half between track sessions to cool off or just get comfortable. The 1.3mm full-grain leather is extremely durable (as I found out when I slid down the road at over 100km/h at Phillip Island!) and likely up to the task of protecting the rider from injury repeatedly without needing to be replaced. CE-certified internal armour in the shoulder, elbows, knees and shins work a treat, and contours to the joints without impeding movement. These areas also have Alpinestars patented Dynamic Friction Shield (DFS) technology to reduce heat transfer in the event of a slide.

The neoprene lining around the collar helps to avoid chafing around the neck area, and the waterproof inside pocket is handy for road riding. This suit is also compatible with an Alpinestars back protector or chest armour for track use.

We didn’t like

There’s always a sense of doubt as to whether a two-piece suit will hold together and keep you covered in an awkward high-speed crash. The jacket does overlap the pants, even when you’re in full race tuck. However, quite a few times on entering the pits I noticed the zipper working its way back a few teeth.

Stretch panels, although well positioned, are still a source of weakness and I managed to burn a hole through one of the arms in a crash. Patching it was a simple job but it did make me question whether all that soft material really belonged on there, or whether it was just a way to reduce the amount of hard-wearing leather used in the construction of the suit.


Overall this suit is a great fit from a very reputable brand. It’s at the lower end of its range in terms of materials, but those who are happy to pay more for brand names will likely be chuffed with the styling, design and reasonably high level of protection it offers. As a good all rounder the Atem provides superior comfort on the road, and allows riders to take their bikes onto the track, which is always a good thing!

  • Comfy
  • Breathes well
  • CE certified armour
  • $$$
  • A lot of Aramidic stretch panels
  • Notchy jacket-to-pant zipper

Colour: Black/White, Black/White/Yellow, Black/White/Red, All Black

Sizes: 48-60

RRP $1495.00

Monza Imports (03) 8327 8888

By Paul McCann