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It’s 10k cheaper than a H2 but apart from its clothes and its price the Z H2 loses little in the grin factor stakes over its expensive stablemate

Since Kawasaki released its H2 and H2R in 2015, the supercharged weapons have gathered a certain mystique, with YouTube liberally scattered with H2’s laying waste to any vehicle brave enough to have a crack. Insanely fast, exotic and extremely desirable they may be, but with a H2 costing the better part of 45k these days, a H2 or the impractical and more expensive H2R are out of reach for the average rider. Enter the Z H2. It puts Kawasaki’s supercharged juiciness within reach, in a popular supernaked package that’s undressed to impress.

The Z H2 is unique, and I like that. I kept coming up with excuses to ride the thing the whole time I had it. Like a lot of supernakeds, it’s very much about the engine and Kawasaki has nailed that aspect.

It’s fast – damn fast – and then there’s that noise, that sexy supercharger noise I couldn’t get enough of. As a roadbike, there’s not much to dislike and it bests its H2 sibling in the comfort stakes understandably. Kawasaki has taken the most desirable and exhilarating bits of the H2 and jammed them into a usable and affordable package. And when it’s in its natural habitat, you have very little to complain about and an awful lot to love. 

   Words Pete Vorst   Photography Incite Images