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AGV Veloce S helmet | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

The last AGV helmet I wore was uncomfortable from day one and it never improved. So I was hesitant when the new AGV Veloce S helmet lobbed on my desk.

That was quite a few years ago to be fair, and the Veloce S I’ve now been sent looked much better than the old K3 I’d lamented. Different heads like different helmets and I know plenty of people who think their AGV K3 helmet is the most comfortable thing they’ve worn.

The shell construction of the Veloce S is a mix of carbon, aramid and fibreglass, so it’s really light. Four shell sizes cover the range from small to extra large, so you’re not trying to fill the gap between a small head and large shell with excess padding.

The shell has plenty of ventilation points with deep airflow channels built into the EPS liner to help keep your head cool. The liner also features the emergency cheek-pad removal system as well as a soft, water-resistant neck roll to keep out the weather and wind noise.

The Class Optic 1 visor is Pinlock ready, and a Pinlock insert is supplied with the helmet. Link International also fitted me up with a silver iridium visor, which looks excellent with the lid’s Rossi Ranch graphics, and is held on by a sturdy metal mechanism which is easy to use if you want to change between the clear, iridium or tinted options. The first few times I wore the helmet it irritated my forehead, but the issue disappeared not long after, and the more I wore it, the more comfortable it became.

What we liked

I wore the helmet on the road, at a couple of track days and even a race meeting, and the design elements borrowed from AGV’s racing range meant it remained stable, even at high speeds. The brow line is high, so it didn’t block my vision when in the tuck position and wind noise is significantly reduced by the snug-fitting liner, so there was no need for me to wear earplugs on short road rides.

It features clever interchangeable inserts which allows you to customise the number of visor-opening detents. Colour coded, the blue ones mean your visor has two positions; open or closed. Red has a more conventional four positions, where green gives you six different increments – great for commuting.

What we didn’t like

The visor uses AGV’s patented Visor Lock System (VLS) designed to reduce the risk of it opening in the event of an accident, but it sometimes makes for a fiddly opening wearing winter gloves. And it fogs easily without the Pinlock insert fitted.


My experience with the Veloce S helmet is that it needs to be broken in before becoming all-day comfortable, but once done, it’s  snug and comfortable.

AGV has more than 70 years of experience in the helmet game, and its famous Italian-flag-on-a-helmet logo has been seen on the head of some of the world’s greatest riders, including Giacomo Agostini and Valentino Rossi, so you can be sure you’re getting a top-quality lid.


  • Great looking helmet
  • No wind buffeting
  • Recognised brand


  • Tricky visor

AGV Veloce S


Mat Black/Red, Mat Black, Pearl White, Soleluna, Feroce Black/Red, Rossi Ranch, Salom




$899 (07) 3382 5000

By Chris Dobie