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Ixon RS Dry HP gloves | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

It’s hard not to develop a soft spot for your ‘first’ of anything. So, as the Ixon RS Dry HPs were the first motorcycle gloves I pulled on, they represent a kind of happy baseline for me. They’ve been my everyday riding gloves for more than a year now, accompanying me on long and short trips, through the hot summers and our ‘shoulder’ seasons, in the wet and the dry.

These gloves are ‘mid-season’ mits, and will cover you for all but the seriously cold months.

They are made of nylon and polyester, with Lycra between the fingers, endowing the gloves with some stretch. The cuffs, which extend to the wrist, are secured with Velcro tabs, and there’s integrated protection on the knuckles and a slider on the bottom of the palms. The gloves also incorporate a waterproof membrane.

We liked

After long-term use, my Ixons are still looking great – the stitching is all intact and, despite many hours of soaking in the rain and baking in the sun, the fabric has not faded or lost its neat appearance.

The light construction makes them ideal for hotter days, and if they do get wet they dry out quickly. They also provide great feel, unlike some heavier gloves.

Perhaps their best point, however, is their versatility. For riders just starting out and looking for an economical everyday glove, the RS Dry HP gloves are a good option.

We didn’t like

The waterproof membrane doesn’t stop the glove getting wet – better to say they are water resistant than waterproof, and the Velcro fastener has become noticeably less adhesive over time (though there are ways of refreshing it).

Apart from that, the only real issue is with the cotton inner fabric. When the gloves get wet they
are very difficult to put
on again.


If you’re a new rider buying a basic set of gear – or just looking for an affordable everyday textile glove – put these Ixons on your ‘to try’ list. They will certainly go the distance.


  • Versatility
  • Longevity
  • Good feel


  • Not waterproof
  • Hard to put back on when wet

Colours: Black; black/white/green; black/white/red

Sizes: S-3XL

RRP $89.95

Ficeda Accessories

  (02) 9827 7561