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COLUMNS / Rev Racer
05 January 2024


Late last year Tom Edwards found the time to pen a Revolving Racer column for AMCN after he completed his rookie Supersport World Championship season.

SPORT / Asbk
05 April 2023


“It’s great to be finally dicing with the greats of ASBK – it’s been a long time coming”

Gassit Garage
30 August 2022


Markus Chiodo is ready to compete in the final four rounds of the British Superbike Championship in the ultra-competitive Superstock 1000 class.

Gassit Garage
09 August 2022


Racing the Harris-RE flat tracker is a privilege.

15 May 2019

Revolving racer - Brad Gorrie

Brad Gorrie - Who would have thought that when Chris Grubb, a friend of my father, called me up and asked if I could passenger his mate Adam Treasure on an F1 Sidecar, that I would end up on the European circuit lining up with some of the world’s fastest racers. But here I a

10 May 2019

Revolving racer - Brayden Elliott

Brayden Elliott - It’s been a long off season and although it’s never easy saying goodbye and leaving Australia, I’m back in England with exciting times ahead for another season in the British Superstock 1000 Championship. Throughout the final part of 2018 I took on the

03 May 2019

Revolving racer - Aiden Wagner

Aiden Wagner- It’s been a crazy couple of months but all the effort has been well worth it and now my aim is to win the 2019 ASBK title and make the statement that “I’m back”. I’ve just finished two days of testing at Wakefield Park to get ready for the second round

07 April 2019

Revolving Racer - Jeremy McWilliams

The development race

13 March 2019

Revolving racer - Rod Faggotter

Rod Faggotter: One day I was ripping up a dune in Peru with my eye on a top-20 finish and the next day I was back home running my shop in Longreach (Centretune Motorcycles). That’s the Dakar for you and it takes a while to come back down to earth as you deal with the numb feeli

27 February 2019

Revolving racer - Alex Phillis

Alex Phillis: I’m really looking forward to the Island Classic’s four International Challenge races. It will be an enjoyable way to start what is shaping up as a big year of racing for me. Team New Zealand really do have the attitude of ‘let’s just have fun,’ so althoug

03 February 2019

Revolving racer - Max Whale

Max Whale - After becoming 2018 American Flat Track Singles class Rookie of the Year I’m looking forward to stepping it up a notch this year. I’m in a team that has Kawasaki USA assistance while the sport itself is having a big resurgence. AMA selling the sport to NASCAR h

29 January 2019

Revolving racer - Ted Collins

Ted Collins: I’ve ended my first season in the premier class of Australian road racing as Rookie of the Year. What a roller-coaster rider it was. We started the ASBK season off at Phillip Island qualifying in 23rd place and turned it all around by finishing the last race of the