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Sprung! BMW C400 Sport | Manufacture News | News

BMW’s next scooter takes styling cues from its popular car range

BMW’s headlong rush into the scooter arena is set to continue later this year unabated with the reveal of this new single-cylinder twist-and-go. You’re not supposed to be seeing it just yet, but these pictures – from the firm’s design patent for the new machine – reveal exactly how it looks.

The BMW C400X cashes in on the popularity of the company’s R1200GS, with some unusual styling that borrows the adventure bike’s beak and lopsided headlight design.

It’s more aggressive-looking than the average scooter. That frowny face, with four headlights behind a reverse-raked Perspex cover, takes its cues from BMW’s cars. And the twin air intakes below them could be a call-back to the famous ‘double-kidney’ grille of its four-wheelers – sure signs that BMW is trying to tempt non-motorcyclists into the fold with its scooter line-up by providing a family resemblance to its cars.

It’s clearly a close relative to the C400X scooter BMW launched late last year. It shares the same underpinnings, including an identical chassis and the same 350cc, water-cooled single built in a unit with the transmission and swingarm. That means power will be the same as the C400X at 25kW (34hp) at 7500rpm, with 35Nm of torque at 6000rpm.

Luggage space and performance will be near-identical to the C400X, and the shared chassis components mean there won’t be much to choose between them in terms of handling. The suspension, wheels and brakes are the same on both bikes.

Where the upcoming model does differ is in its taller screen and more deeply sculpted seat, which should add a bit more comfort compared to the X version.  

By Ben Purvis