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Aussie Scott Britnell finishes Dakar in position 61 | Off-Road | Sport

Scott Britnell from NSW Southern Highlands has finished 2018 Dakar Rally in position 61.

Scott Britnell entered the 2018 Dakar Rally, in the Malle Moto class. With a military background, Scott no doubt had the will and determination to get him through this demanding race.

Scott Britnell posted this on his Facebook page “Scott Britnell – Go Ride It” earlier today,

Dakar 2018 has very much been the experience that I thought it would be. So many trials and tribulations packed into such a compressed space of time. For the average competitor (me) each day could stand as one you could tell stories about for decades. The tempo of the race provides no time for daily reflection, but rather forces you into a situation of compounding effect to start the next day more tired, more worn, more bruised and fighting to find the time to upload enough fluid and calories to see the next bivouac before sunset.

These attributes of the Dakar Rally were absolutely the intentions of the race founders 40 years ago. ‘Challenge Through Adversity’ is what I signed up for and Dakar, you didn’t let me down.

My desire to compete would have continued to be a dream, if it weren’t for the support of all who contributed their time, professional skills, product and/or hard earned cash. For those who came forth and contributed to this, my personal goal, you did not get on board for a return on investment or a guarantee of a result. So thank you for believing in something as simple as one man’s desire to take on the world’s toughest off road endurance motor sport event.

It was brutal. I survived. I finished in the toughest classification offered in the spirit of the sport, and I got the experience that I came for.

Thank you all for taking an interest and following my endeavor. I only hope that following the Dakar brought you all some form of spectator joy.

Adventure is in my blood. It’s hard to quench the thirst. Balance and perspective are important and I don’t always get it right. Sacrifices have been made and after a month away, I can’t wait to be on home soil for some QT with those that mean the most in my life.