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Classic clash at SMSP- Post Classic Racing Association of NSW | Road | Sport

The Post Classic Racing Association of NSW wrapped up a successful year with class champions crowned after the final round of racing held on 23-24 September at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Graham Percy (Yamaha YZF600) took out the Pre-Modern F2 class, and said the highlight of the year for him was his first outright race win at Wakefield Park in Round 1.

“I had these thoughts of disbelief and ‘who do I follow now’ as I took the lead, followed by a few seconds looking for a red flag thinking the race had been stopped due to an accident. It took a little while to realise what had happened. When I crossed the finish line in first place I was ecstatic, fist pumping and waving to the flag marshals as I headed back to the pits. You would have thought I’d just won a MotoGP, I was that excited!”

Other Pre-Modern champions were Pat Griffin (250GP), Brad Lumb (F3) and Steve Stanwix (F1).

The New Era categories were also hotly contested, particularly between the father-and-son duo of Ken and Keo Watson.

“Keo and myself race at PCRA for one major reason: fun,” said GP 132cc-250cc and Commuterlites Pro Champion Ken. “And that’s really what it should be about. There is nothing better than dicing with your son the whole season, and then him beating you in the club championship by the smallest of points margin. It’s the only time I’ve given a fellow competitor a kiss when he’s beaten me!”

But Keo struck back to win the P6 250cc Production class. “Racing with Dad is great,” Keo said. “We leave room for each other … but not much! The PCRA can sometimes be seen as old blokes on old bikes, but they ride hard and there’s a lot to learn from them.”

New Era winners were Stephen Rosman (125cc), James Kean (368cc-500cc and 501cc-750cc) and Andrew Garrett (780cc-1300cc).

In the Post Classic categories the champions were John Simms (250cc), Chris Streeter (350cc and 500cc) and Ivan Hoey (750cc and Unlimited). In Forgotten Era, meanwhile, the trophies went to John Olip (125cc), Lech Budniak (250cc), Brett Lockhart (500cc and 750cc) and Stephen Ward (Unlimited). And in the Buckets category, champions included Jason Dunn (Motolites), Walter Murphy (Superlites Pro) and Greg Burt (Commuterlites AM).

As well as organising the five-round series this year, the PCRA also hosted the International Festival of Speed in March. Giacomo Agostini was the guest of honour for that event, and club promotions officer David Morrissey says having Ago on the track and chatting to people was the equivalent of having Valentino Rossi in attendance.

For more Classic action, you can head to Wakefield Park for the Australian Historic Road Racing Championships on 10-12 November, where more than 300 bikes built between 1926 and 1990 will be in action.