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Yamaha MT-07 | Gassit Garage | Long Term

We finally got our beloved MT-07 back from Sydney under the pretence that it ‘needed’ some bling attached to it.

That seemed a pretty flimsy excuse to me – after all, the MT-07 is already one of the coolest looking LAMS bikes around; more to the point, trying to fix something that ain’t broken is usually a recipe for disaster.

But it was a double success in the end. First because the boys in Sydney fell for it and finally let the bike out of their garage, and second because the team at Online Racing Spares Moorabbin did such a great job of setting our Yammie apart from the considerable MT-07 crowd.

The Puig accessories they added to the bike are all specially designed for the MT-07 and include a dark smoke sports screen, matte black radiator cover side panels, tail tidy, bar ends with gold rings, billet alloy LED indicators, tank protector and (cough) crash pads. So now I will never get our long-termer mixed up with someone else’s bike on a crowded footpath, or damage it by dropping it. Not that either of these things have happened, I should point out.

The revamped MT-07 arrived at around the same time that the plaster cast came off my broken wrist. After six weeks off a bike (and only six months in total on one before that), I desperately needed some time to settle back into the saddle. A ride on our not-so-mellow yellow – the bike I’ve basically learnt on – was just what the doctor ordered.

And in case the boys in Sydney are reading this, there are a few more mods on the way, so the MT-07 will have to stay in Gassit Garage Melbourne for a while yet. Don’t call us.533T8892