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Win on debut for Suzuki GSX-R125 | Road | Sport

The AMCN/Pirelli/Suzuki Motorcycles Australia GSX-R125 enjoyed a win on debut in the commuterlites class of the PCRA championship at Sydney Motorsport Park. The only modifications made to the littlest Gixxer for racing was the removal of the licence plate, indicators and mirrors, and a strip of tape across the headlight.

Honda’s CBR125 had enjoyed an undefeated run since the  Commuterite category was introduced in 2011, but the GSX-R125 proved to be a winner straight out of the box, posting the fastest lap in qualifying followed by two class wins to claim top honours for the round.

The lights and mirrors were then refitted, and the bike put straight back onto daily commuting duties.

An impressive performance from the sporty little single-cylinder that costs less than $4000, especially when you take into account it had to overcome the weight and size handicap of Chris Dobie. 

No one was more surprised than editor Dobie at the speed of the GSX-R125 straight out of the box. “The bike is stock standard, but a few safety features were required, including lock-wiring and a belly pan. Keo Watson did a great job to have the work done quickly, but the first time sat on the bike was as I prepared to go out for qualifying,” he explained. “Commuterlite racing is all about slipstreaming, it’s like Moto3 in super slow-motion. Because I was sure the little road bike with race numbers would be off the pace of the race prepared Hondas, I circulated by myself using the short session to familiarise myself with the new bike. No one was more surprised than me when I found out I’d set the fastest qualifying time”.

With one race held in the dry and the other in the wet, the Suzuki’s handling was put to the test. “I think that was the biggest surprise of the little bike,” Dobie said. “the bike handles and turns in beautifully, like a bigger sportsbike.”

The next round of the PCRA Commuterlites Championship will be held at Sydney Motorsport Park on 24 June.

By Hamish Cooper.