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SPRUNG! Ducati 939 Supersport image leaked | EVENTS | NEWS

Ducati used its WDW event at Misano to give fans a sneak preview of a secret new model. Just as it did with the Scrambler in 2014, the firm placed the bike in a sealed room and allowed a handful of fans in at a time to see it, with no cameras allowed.

And just as in 2014, it took a matter of minutes before somebody managed to get a camera in and sneak a picture out.

So, what is it? Well it’s something of a surprise – a new road-oriented, low-cost sports bike that brings back the ‘Supersport’ name.

In fact, it’s going to be called the 939 Supersport S (and presumably there will be a lower-spec, non-S version as well.) As the name suggests, the engine is the 83.1kW, 937cc twin from the Hypermotard 939. It appears to be fitted to the chassis of a Monster 1200 S, including the single-sided swingarm and Ohlins suspension, and wrapped in a Panigale-esque fairing. A mix and match recipe, perhaps, but one that promises to be rather tasty…

The chances are this will be the basis of a range of bikes, since the combination of ingredients could easily be tweaked to include alternate versions, like a larger one with the Monster 1200 engine or a cheaper version with the Monster 821 power unit and suspension. More details will come later this year when the new Supersport is officially revealed.

Read more about Ducati’s leaked secret in this week’s AMCN on sale Thursday.

LEAKED Ducati_Supersport pic