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Salom safety review | MotoGP | Sport

There was no news on investigations into the crash that killed Luis Salom  in Catalunya, but lively discussions at a well-attended the riders’ Safety Commission meeting on the future of the Montmelo circuit. The GP went ahead after the crash only after a switch to the F1 layout at the track, with a much tighter corner at the end of the back straight and a slow chicane before the front straight, slowing the exit from Turn 12, where Salom slid off and struck his bike after it bounced back from the adjacent air-fence.

The commission’s discussions are confidential, but before the meeting there was no real consensus among leading riders – although most would prefer not to use the F1 layout, and all would like more run-off at the fateful corner. However, after the meeting Rossi admitted: “For me, it will be very difficult to come back to the old layout. I think in the end we will use the F1 layout, with some modifying. They will resurface the track anyway, so that will be more easy.”