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It doesn’t matter if it was a free-to-a- good-home paddock basher you pulled from the neighbour’s shed, or a shiny new showroom model you saved your hard- earned cash for, no one forgets their first.

Six finalists have won themselves an Oxford Helmet Bag and Fred’s fave picks up an IPONE Care Kit, all thanks to the team at Ficeda Accessories!


Honda CB750 Supersport

Bought my Honda CB750 Supersport in 1977 and I’ve still only got two wheels for transport. My current Triumph Rocket III is third time around the clock! Anthony Purvis

Kawasaki Z750L1

Not quite my first ride, but a Kawasaki Z750L1 that I built up about 36 years ago. I often wish I still had it.

John Regester.

Kreidler Florett

Turning the clock back to 1966 when the world was black and white. Here I am in Holland on a Kreidler Florett.

Hans Semler

1988 Suzuki TS185 ER

Here is my 1988 Suzuki TS185 ER. I wanted a trail bike after riding my brother’s 50cc Honda motocross bike when we were little kids.

Janice Chisnall

1983 Yamaha XT250

I’ve been riding for two years and still on my first bike, a 1983 Yamaha XT250. It was imported 20 years ago and never registered – until now.

Michael Womersley

RR 68-08 006 XX

My first roadbike was a 1978 Ducati 860 GTS. I loved the look of it immediately. It wasn’t very reliable. I rebuilt the whole bike and it was still unreliable! Captain Underspants